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The Road to Abundance – Liuzhou's traditional handcrafted Yuba



Chen Qin Sheng (Intern, the 7th Term Guangxi Youth Internship Programme)

Affected by the modern food processing industry, many traditional crafts and practices are slowly fading out of people's sight. We have already got used to a convenient and easy way of living. However, modern craftsmanship is not necessarily safe or reliable. We are concerned with artisans who are loading in sentiments and traditional ethos in their work, and are trying to archive native cultures with images. Yuba is particularly popular among diners. This film presents for everyone the production processes of Yuba the crafty Liuzhou traditional way, so as to encourage more people to care for and help promote folk arts and crafts. The most fundamental and important reason to ensure the inheritance of humans’ crafts and skills is to allow people to self-subsist and to maintain their food production practices in a healthy environment.

Eating is an agricultural behavior. Imperceptibly, consumers are co-producers. The film introduces the ethos of "community supported agriculture" (CSA) to have the audience thinking about urban and rural mutual aid.

PCD supports the furtherance of CSA's development in Mainland China and helps placing interns to CSA practising farms or shops. The videographer of this film shot this documentary during his/her internship with Ainong Hui (Farmers Fans Club) in Guangxi.

Ainong Hui was established in 2004 by a group of urban consumers in Liuzhou, Guangxi. In accordance with the CSA principles, the group attempts to gather consumption power to encourage small farms in rural areas to get into growing indigenous crops, on a collaborative and mutually complementary basis; in the cities, it tries to sell the clean produce grown by indigenous farming methods through restaurants, community farmers markets, and other alternative sales channels. Ainong Hui also attends to training opportunities for young people, and actively participates in bringing up interns. The group also encourages young folks to start their own businesses in the field of CSA.