About Us

Who We Are

The PCD team is composed of a Director, Programme Coordinators, Programme Managers, Project Officers and administrative staff. The team members bring together diverse working experiences in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and the region, with frontline and first person experience of various development issues.

To tap into and respect the diverse experience of staff, the PCD team works with a consensus decision-making model in which every person has an equal chance to influence decisions, and to have his or her opinion heard and discussed. The core team decides as a group on programme direction and planning, organisational development, policies and delegating responsibilities.

The team coordinates the development and implementation of programmes in partnership with stakeholder communities. Facilitators might be contracted to provide additional support for research, information gathering, facilitation, training and documentation.

The Director, on behalf of the staff team, reports to the Kadoorie Foundation Trustees through the Management Committee of PCD. The Chair, on behalf of the management Committee, oversees PCD’s policy, strategy and activities, and supports consensus building.

PCD works in partnership with communities, groups and individuals who adopt similar approaches to respond to identified challenges and responsibilities to see our shared vision being put into action. We work with a wide network of development NGOs, government institutions, researchers and facilitators in HKSAR and Mainland China.