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Learning about Sustainable Living (Past Programme Foci)

Advocating a simple life of contentment in harmony with  people and nature  

By sustainable living, we mean that people live simply, in harmony with nature and in locally self-reliant communities. People support each other; they are content, creative and secure.

The mainstream model of development driven by Western-style capitalist modernisation is inherently unsustainable. A society run on such a model bases itself on the economic philosophy of meeting unlimited wants of humankind by utilising limited resources.  This philosophy motivates people to engage in non-stop consumption and enterprise to pursue maximisation of profits and market share – a process generating economic growth.  However, this development model calls for an endless extraction of natural resources. The excessive depletion of natural resources in turn jeopardises our survival as well as that of future generations. In the face of such a crisis, it is imperative that we explore new lifestyles that direct us toward sustainable living.

PCD joins hands with partner organisations and grassroots groups and individuals in Mainland China to reflect on the values of the mainstream development model and try to understand the meaning of sustainable living. 

We address the root causes of the problem. We advise restraining our desire for continuous growth and focusing instead on protecting nature, which has suffered badly as a consequence of development. We advocate building a society which is environmentally friendly with low energy consumption. The damage to the earth can thereby be reversed and our situation improved. To this end, we must say no to a mode of consumption which is unsustainable and depletes resources excessively. Instead, we pursue a simple life emphasising spiritual satisfaction.  

We advocate the creation of self-reliant communities in which people have mutual care and respect. The local resources and potential of the community are fully utilised, and ancestral wisdom and the spirit of traditional culture are cherished.   

Through organising workshops, training, exchange activities and internship programmes, PCD raises people’s awareness of sustainable living, promotes alternative lifestyles and teams up with grassroots sources in Mainland China to build sustainable communities.