Community Economy

Experience community economy.
PCD encourages Mainland China's communities to experience community economy. One example of community economy is when a farmer in Yunnan needs to build a house, men from all the families in the village help with the construction. In return they are given a meal or receive help in turn in the future. (Yan Kansan)
Promoting CSA through Farmers
Promoting CSA through Farmers’ market in Nanning, Guangxi. (Huang Guoliang / PCD)
CSA encourages urban rural interaction
CSA encourages urban rural interaction. (Rebecca Siu)
Farmers markets are regularly held
Farmers markets are regularly held in different locations in Beijing. (Rebecca Siu)
Second community bazaar
Second community bazaar on recycled daily items held at Duo Fu Xiang, one of the pilot communities that PCD promotes urban farming in Beijing. (Center for Social Invention)
About 120 participants from Mainland
About 120 participants from Mainland, HK and Taiwan joining the CSA symposium. (PCD)
A PCD intern of CSA Ou Shaomei
A PCD intern of CSA Ou Shaomei learns hand-make soybean curds for sale in order to increase income of her CSA organization, Xiangshankeng. (Ou Shaomei)