Labor-saving sugar cane tying device


By Fang Yuan (Faculty of Agriculture, Guangxi University)

Guangxi is a big province that produces sugar cane. During harvest time, the cane tastes sweet but the cutting of sugar cane is hard-work. Tying up the harvested sugar cane with limited labor available, can be a challenging problem. In some sugar cane farms, we noticed that a tying device made by the local farmers could effectively and efficiently resolve this problem. They use a welded rack to store the sugar cane first, pressed them down with a lever and rope, and then tied them together, before putting them back on the ground. With this labor-saving technique the tied-up sugar canes could then easily be transported. The device is practical, cheap and has a simple design! How creative these farmers are!

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Upload sugar cane to the binding device.
Press down sugar cane with rope and wood stick on the rack
Fasten the pressed sugar cane to prevent it from loosen-up
Fasten another end of sugar cane
Then fasten sugar cane with another rope
Remove sugar cane from the binding device
Sugar cane binding device