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Sustainable Living Network

Advance the learning and practices of sustainable living

Network development has been identified as one of PCD’s long term strategies. The building of networks linking up like-minded parties for mutual support and communication about sustainable living are vital for building the momentum of the movement.

In the past decade, PCD has been facilitating Mainland China’s grassroots groups and communities in promoting sustainable living. Consequently, the idea of sustainable living has gained wider acceptance, and increasingly been put into practice. However, these practices are still marginal in comparison with mainstream ideology in the larger society. Practitioners may find themselves isolated, with limited support at community level, and in need of inspiration which can come from contact with others sharing their beliefs.

Building up networks among practitioners and facilitators is therefore crucial for further promoting sustainable living. It can provide platforms for mutual learning and support among practitioners, enabling them to thrive, and can also extend the reach and impact of the movement.

In the past decade there have been various elements to PCD’s work on promoting sustainable living. We have encouraged people to reflect on the problems of modern life and facilitated the rebuilding of community spirit and interconnection with nature, so that the community becomes more self-reliant and resilient. In our urban programmes, we have focused on entry points like urban farming, reflecting on food safety and industrialised food processing, and we have also promoted waste separation and community arts which can help consolidate the cohesiveness of a community.

In the coming five years (2015-2020), we will support community-based creative actions and build networks that enhance mutual support and exchange of experiences in sustainable living. We will facilitate innovative and pioneering learning that leads to action. We will communicate experiences and values consolidated from case studies, and hence develop active discourses. We will link up daily micro level practice with a global macro perspective so as to enhance understanding of the significance of actions.