Other Approach

Community Health Walk

PCD and local communities share a holistic concept of health which is not limited to only human well-being. We are instead concerned with the tranquil and healthy state of all elements of the ecological system, including humans. By taking a walk in the neighbourhood, people may discover problems in their community that are related to health and ecology. They may then reflect on ways to address these problems.
'Community Health Walk' is a participatory activity that takes place within the confines of a particular community. It is a very simple form of activity. First, a theme is decided. Then the area for the walk and the route is discussed with the local community. During the walk, the participants watch for things that connect health with ecology. They then discuss what problems they see, the causes and the effects. After the walk the participants summarise and analyse what they have discovered and discuss ways of addressing the problems.
During this activity, participants come into close contact with nature. They may discover how, in the interaction between human activities and the ecological system, human beings bring destruction to or live harmoniously with nature, and why the destruction of nature poses threats to our health. After a few such health walks, members of a community will become aware of, and gradually build, a holistic view of health.