Videos produced or supported by PCD

Title Year
Kunming Through Our Camera (A video showing 8 volunteers from Kunming to record the change of Kunming city by their cameras) (Chinese edition) 2010
Vanishing of the Bees (Chinese edition) 2011
Way for the Soil (A collection of experiences from ecological farmers working with PCD across different provinces) (Chinese only) 2012
Reverse the Garbage Attack (A documentary on waste problem in Sichuan) (Chinese only) 2012
Animation: Reflection of a Young Migrant Worker 2012
Video on basic concepts in natural farming (Produced for EA facilitators in Rongshui County, Yunnan) (Chinese only) 2012
Love Life, Love CSA (A 7-minute animation illustrating the meaning and core values of CSA) 2012
Tibetan Guozhuang Dance and Lyrics-Jiang Po (Chinese only) 2012
Tibetan Guozhuang Dance and Lyrics-Yang La (Chinese only) 2012
Video on the Hani Akha culture (A video documentary produced by local partner) (Chinese only) 2012
Tibetan Guozhuang Dance and Lyrics-Liu Tong Jiang (Chinese only) 2013
Natural Farming -- A way of life: The philosophy behind natural farming (An in-depth interview of Kawaguchi Yoshikazu, a veteran practitioner of natural farming) 2013
Wandering Poet, Funeral of An Old Man, Searching For Mushrooms, Breeze Drum and Me, Little Lele, and Grandmother (Documentary Films produced by Nandan Young Villagers) (Chinese only) 2013
Namo Spinning, Embroidered Shoes, Buying Manure (Documentary films produced by Fengshan villagers and partners) (Chinese only) 2013
Grapes (A one-hour documentary made by a grape farmer, Li Weihong) (Chinese only) 2013
Old tree Guardians (A video produced by Kunming partner to document the process of old tree preservation by old tree guardians) (Chinese only) 2014