Our Programme Foci

Wisdom of Nature

Reflect on the interconnectedness between people and nature

In our age of full-speed globalisation, human impacts have caused unprecedented ecological deterioration, social disintegration and inner chaos. PCD sees the ultimate solution as lying in the revival of interconnectedness between people and communities with nature, as humanity needs a nature-inspired view and paradigm to relieve itself from these problems.

For the past few centuries, following Western modernisation, a kind of dualistic mindset has been directing the course of human history, segregating people from nature, self from society, science from spirituality, the tangible from the intangible. In the present day, however, there is a worldwide philosophical movement that sees nature as a whole living being, in which all living things are interconnected. Only when people connect harmoniously with nature will they experience a happy and fulfilling life.

PCD has attempted to respond by realising such reconnection with nature in all our work. For example, through rediscovering the spirit of cherishing nature embedded in traditional cultures, we promote its protection, through the conservation of rivers, forests and wild plants and animals as well as recovery of damaged habitats and ecosystems. We conduct nature education to inspire people's admiration for nature and encourage actions for nature conservation. In cities and towns, we inspire people with awareness of environmental problems that arouse people's sense of care towards nature.

In the coming five years (2015-2020), PCD will echo China's national goal of establishing 'ecological civilisation', and we have adopted a strategy of developing an ecocentric organisation philosophy to guide our work. We will promote an awareness of interconnectedness between people and nature in our education and nature conservation work. We will expand our ecocentric perspectives and ways of thinking through learning from traditional cultures, introducing inspirational ideas and thinkers, and exploring profound experiences in nature. We will raise awareness of and promote reflection against harmful impacts caused by anthropocentric world views. We will support ecological protection and restoration (such as watershed, forest or biodiversity) in and across communities.