Latest Fragrant Soil & The Annual Report released


比邻 年报


In May 2020, PCD issued its magazine Fragrant Soil Issue 11 as well as The Annual Report (2018-2019) of Partnerships for Community Development (PCD).

Fragrant Soil Issue 11 “To See the Local” features a collection of stories and reflections by practitioners based in various places. “Being rooted and practicing mindfully, a brand new life is no longer an inaccessible dream, but a reality happening and evolving in the moment.”

The Annual Report (2018-2019) of Partnerships for Community Development (PCD) is divided into six sections: Foreword, About PCD, Our Theory of Change, Programme Foci, Project List and Partner List. The highlighted programme focus for the year was Sustainable Living Network, yet with each focus - Wisdom of Nature, Ecological Agriculture, Community Economy, Traditional Knowledge and Innovation- demonstrated through case studies and illustrations, and also exemplifying our theory of change: Facilitating cultural reflection, Nurturing community facilitators, Building inner strength, and Network building.

PCD encourages you to save paper to protect our environment, you may click the hyperlink above to download the electronic version or read it on PCD Wechat platform. If you definitely need a printed version for reading or circulation, please feel free to make a request at: