社区伙伴致力与社区一起探求人与人丶人与大自然的和谐共存之道Established in Hong Kong in May 2001, Partnerships for Community Development (PCD) is a community development organisation that works in mainland China. It was established and continues to be funded by the Kadoorie Foundation (via a stream of funds allocated by the Hon. Mrs McAulay). The Foundation is a Hong Kong-based trust founded in 1970 by the late Sir Horace Kadoorie who believed in the motto: “Help people to help themselves”. In August 2017, PCD set up the Beijing Representative Office which is registered with the Beijing Public Security Bureau, with the Ministry of Environmental Protection (now Ministry of Ecology and Environment) as our Professional Supervisory Unit.

An organisation without any religious or political affiliation, PCD is committed to working with communities to explore ways of leading a dignified and sustainable life in harmony with others and with nature. PCD adopts the approaches of cultural reflection, nurturing community facilitators, and building networks and platforms in its work in the areas of biodiversity conservation, ecological agriculture, nature education, environmental protection, and prevention and control of pollution. The goals are to invigorate the inner motivation of communities, to promote understanding of sustainable living and to encourage individuals and communities to practise living sustainably.