Sustainable Living Learning with Youth across China and Southeast Asia programme

“Sustainable Living Learning with Youth across China and Southeast Asia” programme is organised jointly by Cihai Environmental Foundation, Sources for Action and Partnerships for Community Development, implemented with partner organisations from The Philippines and Thailand. The programme supports the youth involving in rural construction for an exchange in The Philippines and Thailand. In 45-day exchange, the young participants focus their learning on traditional wisdom, cultural heritage, ecological agriculture and sustainable community construction. Through learning social and cultural context of people’s actions, they come to an understanding of not only what others do, but the process why others do so with a broader perspective. They learn to explore the nature of issues, instead of sticking to a simple solution or just doing a quick reproduction. This immersive experiential learning brings them with deeper connection and reflection, and helps build a network based on interactions and affection across countries and nations.  

In 2019, we supported a 45-day exchange programme for seven youth from mainland China to learn in seven villages of The Philippines and Thailand. The experience provided them with overseas opportunities, technical support, instruction and mentorship from tutors, and guidance in agricultural development and in understanding different context of social development and cultures. In addition, the Chinese youth shared with their new foreign friends what their life and culture is like at home. The cultural exchange deepened personal and interpersonal understanding.

Reflections on living and learning from the seven youth participants have been posted on the Source for Action Wechat platform. Please stay tuned! Here please find two of the reflections:

The Way to a Blissful Life for the Karen Villagers in Thailand

Guardians of Marinduque Island, The Philippines