Where We Work



Yunnan Province

  • “Nature is Our Teacher” – Developing Local Nature Education Perspectives and Methodologies, Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve
  • Strengthening Community-based Forest Conservation Networks, Weixi
  • “Nature is Our Teacher: Connecting our Hearts with Her” – Community-based Nature Education, Tengchong
  • Consolidation of Sustainable Living Experience, and Capacity Building of Local Facilitators, Xishuangbanna
  • Demonstration of “Integrated, Rural, Communal” and Traditional Culture-based Ecological Management, Menghai, Xishuangbanna
  • Exploration of Traditional Culture Inspired Sustainable Living Network, Nabanhe Watershed National Nature Reserve, Xishuangbanna
  • “Visual Production for Community Reconstruction” – Supporting the Establishment of a Community Facilitation Network of Rural Filmmakers
  • Research on Energy Consumption and the Promotion of Energy Efficient Lifestyles, Baoshan
  • Building Platforms for Collaborative Exploration of Sustainable Living, Dali
  • Exploring Culture-Nature Connections and Youth Education with Han Community in Shangguan, Dali
  • Participatory Action Research Inspired by Traditional Land Use Patterns and Eco-culture, with Hani Communities
  • Building Ecological Agriculture Learning Network and Ecological Village
  • Documentation of Stories with Traditional Eco-centric Wisdom and Community Education, with Various Ethnic Communities
  • Exploration of Local Core Values for Community-based Biodiversity Conservation, Tengchong
  • Building Mutual Learning Platforms for Exploring Traditional Culture-based Sustainable Living with Bulang Communities, Xishuangbanna


Sichuan Province

  • Supporting Sustainable Living Networks among Youth through Exchange and Communication Platform Development, Chengdu
  • Local Community Education for Children in Highly Urbanised Rural Communities, Pujiang, Chengdu
  • Chengdu Farmers’ Market – Community Building with Ecological Producers and the Public
  • Co-learning Scheme for Citizens’ Groups Organisers, Chengdu
  • “Combining Theory and Methods” – Learning and Practice of Sustainable Living and Community Work, Chengdu
  • Exploring Healthy Living and Methods of Reusing Community Resources, Xiao Er Town, Yibin
  • “Little Chef Project” – Exploration of Food & Agriculture Education in Schools, Yibin
  • Exploration of Eco-Village Building, Dacheng Town, Pingshan


Guizhou Province

  • Cultivating Sustainable Living Practices, Longjiazhai Community, Nanming District, Guiyang
  • Fostering Community Participation for Waste Segregation, Public Affairs Management, and Community Organisation, Wudang District, Guiyang
  • Training and Exchange with Partners and Villagers on Traditional Culture and Ecological Protection
  • Capacity Building with Various Local Environmental Protection Participants
  • Supporting the Development of Community Seed Network, Southeast Guizhou
  • “Farming Together” – Fostering Urban Producers’ Network, Guiyang


Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

  • Support for Learning Sustainable Living and Building Community Exchange Platforms with Baikuyao Ethnic Communities, Nandan
  • Support for the Development of Guangxi Seeds Network, Phase II


Chongqing Municipality

  • Research on the Lifestyle and Energy Consumption of University Students, Chongqing
  • Community-based Nature Education, Jinyunshan Nature Reserve
  • Exploring Approaches to Nurture Community-based Environmental Protection Volunteer Network, Chongqing


Guangdong Province

  • Exploring Self-reliant Livelihoods with People with Disabilities, Guangzhou
  • Developing Urban-Rural Interaction Network, Guangzhou
  • Support for Consumer Education through Cantonese Farmers’ Market, Guangzhou
  • Building a Sustainable Living Learning Network with Parents’ Groups, Guangzhou
  • Support to Nurture Sustainable Living among Communities in Pearl River Delta



  • Education on Food and Sustainable Living Daily Practices, and Mutual Help with Facilitators of Migrant Worker Communities
  • Capacity Building for Sustainable Consumption in Communities – Pilot Project
  • Annual Forum of China Development Brief, with Overseas NGOs (2018)
  • Capacity Building of Community Economy Facilitators with Domestic Workers, and Community Actions for Promoting Green Detergents and Eco- friendly Lifestyle
  • Needs Assessment and Curriculum Development to Nurture Environmentally Aware Families – Pilot Project
  • Sustainable Living Advocacy with Community Economy Group, Beijing Mulan Huakai Social Work Service Centre
  • Ecological Community Design and Innovation Programme
  • Sustainable Living and Handicrafts Workshop with Parents’ Groups
  • Research on Soil Restoration and Ecological Agriculture
  • Exploring Balcony Gardens and Communal Sustainable Living


National and International

  • Support for Book Publication, “Mountain Futures: Inspiration and Innovation from the World’s Highlands” (Chinese edition)
  • Production of PCD Magazine Fragrant Soil, Issues 10 and 11 (in Chinese)
  • Tree Workshops and Expansion of Nature Education Facilitators’ Network
  • Cross-Strait Youth Facilitators Internship Exchange Programme
  • Support for Community Green Leadership Development Fund, Phase I
  • Strengthening Community Engagement in Nagoya Protocol Legislation Regarding Access and Benefit Sharing of Food and Agricultural Genetic Resources
  • Building Technical Support Network on Eco- Agriculture with Rural Returned Youth; and Communication of Their Experiences
  • Development of Affective Nature Education through Nationwide Co-Learning Circle
  • Ecological Wisdom Learning and Facilitator Network Development
  • Ecological Wisdom and Cultural Transformation – Sustainable Living Learning with Youth across China and Southeast Asia
  • Participatory Action Research on Integration of Land Ethics and Rural Sustainable Living
  • Community Research on Traditional Ecological Culture in Han Villages, Southwest China
  • Retrospect and Prospect of Work in Han Villages, Southwest China
  • Youth Internship Programme on Rural Revitalisation
  • Co-learning and Support for Facilitators on Community Development
  • Documentation and Synthesis of PCD Programme Experience in Rural Eco-Agriculture
  • Building of Community Supported Agriculture Programmes and Linked Internship Network with Little Donkey Farm
  • Support for China Ecological Civilisation Forum Nanning Annual Conference – Rural Revitalisation and Ecological Agriculture Sub-forum
  • Support for Exchange and Network Building among East Asian Eco-Agriculture Practitioners
  • China-Japan Community Supported Agriculture Exchange and Network Building
  • Support for Sustainable Community Empowerment Camp with Domestic Foundations