The traditional Chinese edition of Elegant Simplicity: The Art of Living Well Published

The traditional Chinese edition of "Elegant Simplicity: The Art of Living Well" written by Mr. Satish Kumar and translated by Ms. Ning Tsz, has been published in HK by Art and Culture Outreach recently. 

Andrew McAulay, Chair of PCD Management Committee, has written a Foreword for the book:

Satish Kumar writes, “The way of elegant simplicity is a natural consequence of karma yoga… which instructs us to act without desiring the fruit of our action”. For a newcomer to this philosophy, the question naturally arises, What will motivate action, if not the desire for its fruit? Satish provides the answer: “Action is its own reward, a source of pleasure and joy”.

More than that, however, Satish shows us the way by his example. Few have I met with as much passion and enthusiasm for all the things of this world, whilst at the same time remaining unruffled in even the most trying of circumstances. His life is one of selfless service and his presence demonstrates that such action can be motivated by a deeper source than desire for rewards, that service and love go hand in hand.

Such loving service opens the door to a simpler way of being and in Elegant Simplicity, by sharing his wisdom, his experiences and his enthusiasm, Satish elucidates the path. I am delighted that, with the support of PCD, this translation has now been made available. 

On Monday, 23rd October 2023, the Green Hub, Art and Culture Outreach, and PCD will be hosting the "Act to Solve the Climate Crisis: Achieve Peace with Nature by Elegant Simplicity" event to launch the traditional Chinese edition of "Elegant Simplicity: The Art of Living Well". The event will take place at the Green Hub in Tai Po, Hong Kong. We warmly welcome all interested individuals to sign up (link: ) and join us for this event! 

The simplified Chinese edition of "Elegant Simplicity: The Art of Living Well" (translated by Ms. Hao Bing) was published in March 2023 by China Translation Press of China Publishing Group.